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How many Purple Starfish are there on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley?

Please Professor Snail in his survey.

Ginger Island is a big part of Stardew Valley, especially if you want to complete everything the game offers and see the world. On this island, you’ll find a certain character you need to assist and work alongside to get everything ticked off before moving on. Part of that is knowing how many Purple Starfish there are on Ginger Island. This guide outlines how many of these critters there are and when you need to provide that crucial number.

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How many Purple Starfish are there on Ginger Island?

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There are 18 Purple Starfish on Ginger Island when you get there in your Stardew Valley playthrough. It’s also helpful to know that there are 22 Purple Flowers on the island, but you may not realize that you need this information for a while. It’s all linked to Professor Snail, someone who is key in getting you some valuable items and a major character on the island. At least, he is if you’re going for 100% completion in Stardew Valley. 

When you speak to Professor Snail, he will ask you two questions. First, he’ll ask how many Purple Flowers are on the island, to which you must respond 22. Then, he’ll ask how many Purple Starfish there are, to which you need to reply 18. If you do this, he’ll give you 2 Golden Walnuts, a nice bonus on top of the many others you can get from the Research Station.

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Ginger Island has a wealth of fossils hidden beneath the ground around it. This is where you can come to dig up as many of them as possible and take them to the Research Station. The more fossils you donate, the more Golden Walnuts you get, which act as this island’s currency. This is why answering Professor Snail’s questions is so important because you can get 2 Golden Walnuts for minimal effort to start things off. There are plenty more things to do on the island, which makes up some of the most complex content Stardew Valley has to offer, so do yourself a favor and get these Golden Walnuts early so you can move on to bigger and better things.

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