How Mirror Defense mode works in Warframe

The best defense requires some bling.

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Mirror Defense is the featured mode in the Warframe update Citrine’s Last Wish. This revamped version of the classic Defense mode introduces dual defense points, many resources to earn, and the star of the update herself, Citrine. Successfully defending each point for a few waves can let you earn Citrine’s parts, allowing you to build her. This is a breakdown on how Mirror Defense works in Warframe.

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How to beat Mirror Defense in Warframe

Mirror Defense is a variant of Defense, but its objectives require players to seek out hidden items on the map while also keeping the defense point from being destroyed. You can find Mirror Defense on Mars in a node called Tyana Pass. This mission requires a mix of defense and offense, so we suggest characters such as Citrine, Nidus, Limbo, and Nova. We also suggest grouping up, which makes dividing the dual objectives easier than tackling them solo.

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In Mirror Defense, you must defend two different objectives, the crystals preserving the bodies of Belric and Rania, lovers who remain linked through the Void. You will be protecting Rania’s Crystal at the start of a round. In this mission phase, you will face off against Grineer enemies. Bringing a weapon with Slash, Puncture, and the Corrosive element is what we recommend you have in your arsenal.

While the timer is counting down, you will hear a loud chime. When this happens, floating gems called Citrine’s Remnants will spawn around the map. Every time you collect 50 of these gems, you will earn Belric or Rania Crystal Fragments, a resource used for purchasing Citrine and her signature weapons from the vendor Otak. However, searching for these resources will lead you away from the defense point, so be careful, as the mission will fail if the objective gets destroyed.

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After a few waves of defending Rania, a map marker will appear. Follow this marker to travel through the Void and into a Venus map housing Belric’s Crystal. In this area, you will face off against hordes of Corpus enemies, so weapons with Magnetic will work great here.

After defending each crystal, a handful of times, the round will end. At this point in the mission, you can choose to take your resources and leave the mission or risk them and continue onward. Citrine’s components and her signature weapon blueprints can be earned as rewards.