How Perfect Dodging works in Gotham Knights

Batman taught them all how to dodge.

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In Gotham Knights, the characters in the game do not have the ability to parry or block attacks. Instead, they have to rely on the dodging mechanic to avoid taking any damage. The dodge can be exceptionally useful. If you time your dodge correctly, you will have the chance to perform a Perfect Dodge, which might require many bonus rewards and challenges. Here’s what you need to know about how Perfect Dodging works in Gotham Knights.

How to perform a Perfect Dodge in Gotham Knights

A Perfect Dodge will happen when you hit the dodge button right before you’re about to be attacked by an enemy’s melee blow. You can see the incoming attack indicated by the white or red outline, and it will become spikey right before it hits you. So you’re good to go if you dodge when the attack becomes white or red. However, for a Perfect Dodge to happen, you need to click the button when the white or red icon becomes spikey, triggering the effect.

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When you do a Perfect Dodge, your character will perform a special animation to show it’s been triggered, and they will move slightly quicker to get out of the way. If you’re fast enough, you can follow up a Perfect Dodge with a Perfect Attack, which you can do by immediately hitting the melee button, damaging your target. It might be difficult to land Perfect Dodges against enemies when you’re facing off against multiple targets simultaneously. We recommend ensuring you only have a handful of targets to worry about, and the others are not about to throw attacks at you or line up their next strike.

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A Perfect Dodge has no cooldown, so try to line up every dodge you make while fighting against enemies effectively. These can also be used against bosses in Gotham Knights.