How Piercing Abilities work in Gotham Knights

Hit through the enemies.

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Piercing Abilities are quite helpful to you while playing Gotham Knights. They will be able to do a good amount of damage to your enemies, but they also ensure you can get past certain attacks that stronger enemies will use against you. It’s always useful to build up your Momentum meter to make sure you have one at the ready. Here’s what you need to know about how Piercing Abilities work in Gotham Knights.

What to do with Piercing Abilities in Gotham Knights

Piercing Abilities are a really good way to do heavy damage to multiple smaller enemies at once. Alternatively, you’ll want to use them against the larger Champions and Veteran characters you encounter while exploring Gotham City, such as the Freak Bulldozers or the larger Mobsters. Then, when they use their larger attacks, the ones with red highlights, you can use your Piercing Abilities to interrupt them, preventing them from following up with a combo.

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With a Piercing Ability, when you land it against multiple smaller enemies, if they’re going to be in the line of fire, they’re going to take a lot of damage. We do not recommend exclusively using these attacks against larger foes. It does enough damage to potentially eliminate a small handful of weaker enemies, freeing you up to handle the larger groups of foes, especially if you’re overwhelmed. A good way to utilize them is to fire them off after you’ve landed a combo or lined up multiple foes in a single line.

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If you have ways to charge up your Momentum bar, this is the only way to have access to your Piercing Abilities. Make sure this bar is fully charged, or close to it, before engaging in a tough encounter. It could help you eliminate several foes before taking too much damage.