How to rescue the Teddy Bears from the Gnomes in Fortnite

This war isn’t over.


In case you haven’t been paying attention, there is a war going on Fortnite between two mysterious groups, both trying to get the other hand. No, not Ghost and Shadow. It’s the Teddy Bears and the Gnomes that are the real story here. The Teddy Bears and Gnomes have been going at it for weeks now, with attacks and counter-attacks happening.

The Gnomes recently held a full-scale assault on the house in Weeping Woods where the Bears were keeping one of their group in a cage. Things did not go well for the bears, and they suffered a devastating defeat, and are now locked in their own cage.

You can save the bears, if you wish, to score some extra XP.

The first thing you need to do is head to the house in Weeping Woods, which is marked on the map below.


You will find the doors to the cellar at the side of the house have been blasted open, so head inside and go all the way to the back of the secret bunker. The cage will now be filled with bears, but you an open it. Interact with the bear lying on the ground at the front to free them all and earn the extra experience.

While you are down in the bunker, make sure you have a look around at some of the fun changes. A Gnome has decided to enjoy the spoils of victory and is face deep in a pot of honey, while the leader of the bears is being interrogated by a group of Gnomes. Finally, the Gnomes did not make it through entirely unscathed, as a poor Gnome has been crushed by a falling server stack.

So far, Teddy Bears Vs Gnomes has been more compelling than Ghost vs Shadow, so hopefully, there is more to come.