How Showdown Squad Building Challenges work in FIFA 22

A quick primer on Showdown challenges.

Image via EA Sports

Almost two years ago, EA Sports introduced Showdown Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) to the FIFA franchise and Football Ultimate Team. These special challenges were meant to highlight marquee football matchups from around the world, and offer players an opportunity to acquire multiple inform player items that have a chance at a second upgrade. Showdown challenges are back for FIFA 22, and just in case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, we’re here to help.

How Showdown Squad Building Challenges work in FIFA 22

As mentioned previously, these kind of challenges have been in FIFA in past games. In fact, Showdown challenges were added back in FIFA 20, during the later stages of that game’s life cycle.

Here’s how these challenges work. At various points throughout the year, EA Sports and the FIFA team will release special SBCs that revolve around a particular match. These matches are usually highly-anticipated ones, such as UEFA Champions League matches, or major league rivalry games.

For Showdown SBCs, players will be able to obtain two inform players, one from each squad from the highlighted match. In every case, players will need to complete the lineups for that particular player, in order to receive the card.

Here’s where things get a bit complex. Those players do receive an initial upgrade from their base item, but are eligible for a second upgrade, depending on the outcome of the match. The player on the winning team will receive a +2 OVR stat boost. The player on the losing end will not receive a stat increase.

If, however, there is a draw in the match, both players won’t be shut out of any rating increases. In the event of a draw, both items will receive a +1 OVR stat boost.