How skill trees work in Gotham Knights

These superheroes have some mad skills, and here’s how they work.

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Gotham Knights allows players to experience the game by playing any of its four main protagonists: Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin. Though you are asked to choose a character to start out with in the beginning of the game, you can switch between any of these heroes upon reaching the main headquarters at the Belfry. Each of them have their own individual skills and abilities, so you will want to choose the hero that best matches your personal playstyle. Here is a breakdown of how the skill trees work in Gotham Knights.

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What you need to know about skill trees in Gotham Knights

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All four characters in Gotham Knights have different skill trees that reflect their specialties, though the overall structure of these trees remains constant across the board. Each character has three skill trees available after reaching the Belfry, with each consisting of seven unlockable abilities. Fight goons and complete missions throughout the city of Gotham to gain experience. After accumulating enough experience, you will level up and obtain ability points to spend on new skills.

If you are wanting to primarily stick with one character in particular, don’t worry about losing out on earning experience for the other three characters. Experience earned while playing one superhero is earned across all of the other heroes as well. Simply swap characters at the Belfry and enter the abilities menu to spend these ability points.

In addition to the standard skill trees, players can unlock the Knighthood Skill Tree for each character by completing their Knighthood Challenge. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds, and can actually be completed fairly early on in the game. If you’re looking for extra abilities and perks, it would definitely be worth your while to do this sooner rather than later.