How Tanta Familiar Monuments work in Forspoken

Here kitty kitty.

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There is a lot of side content for you to get through in Forspoken with each activity giving you something special. If you are looking for more information about the world, head to one of the many Tanta Familiar Monuments sprinkled around the world of Athia. These monuments each offer information if you manage to befriend the beast that appears around it. Be friendly, and don’t startle the familiars. This guide will show you how Tanta Familiar Monuments work in Forspoken.

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How to befriend Familiars in Forspoken

As you explore the world of Athia, you may end up finding statues that have cats on them. At the base, there are stacks of books. While these statues are quite decorative and nice to look at, they are also home to the Tantas Familiars. Each of the Familiars in Forspoken is a cat creature with some type of alteration. Some of the Familiars have wings while others have unicorn horns. Each style of Familiar belongs to a different Tanta.

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When you come across a Tanta Familiar Statue, you will see a small light appear before the Familiar lands on a nearby platform. Your goal is to approach the Familiar without it getting spooked. If it gets spooked, you fail the task and the Familiar disappears. After the Familiar appears, approach it slowly and then crouch when you get the prompt. On PS5, the crouch button is L2. Be careful, crouching at the wrong time will cause you to use a support spell.

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Approach the Familiar slowly and stop any time an exclamation point appears above its head. When the exclamation point disappears, you can continue your approach. When you reach the Familiar, press the button that appears on the screen to pet it. You will get a brief cutscene showing the Familiar interacting with Frey before it disappears. Afterward, you will get a snippet of information about the Familiar and their role in the world. If you happen to fail one of these little pieces of side content, you can go back to the statue and start over.