How the Dawning Surprise Origin Trait works in Destiny 2

It’s a surprise party and Dawning weapons are invited.

Image via Bungie

The Dawning Surprise Origin Trait was introduced during the Dawning 2022 Destiny 2 event. Origin Traits are a specific set of weapon perks introduced in the Witchqueen expansion. These perks are designed to represent the origin of a weapon, and each season and themed event introduces new Origin Traits to the sandbox. These traits are perks that will drop on every version of that gun you earn. This guide will explain the Dawning Surprise Origin Trait and how it works in Destiny 2.

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How the Dawning Surprise Origin Trait works in Destiny 2

The Dawning surprise Origin Trait is slightly different from most other Origin Traits in the current sandbox. It doesn’t grant you any outright bonus to stats or the weapons’ capabilities. The perk has a fun and festive description. “Rapidly defeating targets awards a Dawning gift. Defeated power targets count as more than one.”

Screenshot by Gamepur

This perk allows you to earn Dawning gifts for rapidly defeating targets. These look like small purple gift boxes that drop on the ground — picking these up grants you immediate health regeneration and a small charge to all your abilities.

How to get the Dawning Surprise Origin Trait

The Dawning Surprise Origin Trait only drops on Dawning event weapons. The Stay Frosty Pulse Rifle has this perk after you complete the Dawning 2022 quest, and then you can begin farming drops of previous years’ event-exclusive weapons with new rolls, and this Origin Trait is on all of them. These are all the weapons that can drop with the Dawning Surprise Origin Trait.

  • Avalanche Solar Machine Gun
  • Cold Front Kinetic submachine Gun
  • Glacioclasm Void Fusion Rifle
  • Stay Frosty Stasis Pulse Rifle
  • Zephyr Stasis Sword

You can earn these weapons by baking cookies and delivering them to friendly faces scattered in each destination. You can also focus these weapons at Eva Levante once you’ve acquired the Event Exchange Ticket upgrade.