The Dawning – How To Use Eva’s Holiday Oven

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The Dawning is here, and Eva has returned to us. Destiny’s resident Grandma is back, and like all loving family members, she has brought us treats. Or, at least, she has brought us the things we need to make gifts. Good old Granny Eva, love really can be a learning experience. The only thing she doesn’t do is clue us into how it all works, so I made this quick guide for you on how to use Eva’s Holiday Oven.

How To Use Eva’s Holiday Oven

After you visit Eva in the tower, she will give you her holiday oven. This will allow you to bake treats for people in the Tower, spreading holiday cheer, and possibly carrying out some kind of sneaky Cabal plan to give the Guardians diabetes.

To access the oven, open up your inventory, go the Pursuits tab and then look at the details of the oven.

Eva's Holiday Oven
Eva’s Holiday OvenTL;DR Games • Fair Use

What this does is go into the oven menu allowing you to make delightful treats for Guardians who are not on the naughty list. The top three boxes are your ingredient slots, and as you hover over each one, you will see a list of available ingredients you can use to make treats. Each treat needs two ingredients, and some Essence of Dawning. Make sure you check out our guide about where to find all the Ingredients.

IngredientsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The bottom boxes are your recipes. This is where you will be able to read recipes that you have already discovered. We have a useful guide that will show you all the Recipes that are in the game, so be sure to check it out. That’s it, Guardian! The oven is not difficult to use; it can just seem a little strange at first because they don’t give you much information in the game. With our helpful guides, you will be cooking up all kinds of treats in no time.

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