How The Knight’s Guardia Compagnia ability works in Dead by Daylight

Summon friends to help you.

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The Knight was added to Dead by Daylight in the Forged in Fog DLC. The Knight is a fearsome foe who has a unique ability called Guardia Compagnia, which he can use to summon allies to help him. It’s a bit similar to Nemesis, who had zombies spawn on the map. However, unlike Nemesis and his zombies, the Knight’s allies are useful and can help you put pressure on survivors and give chase easier. So how does The Knight’s ability work in Dead by Daylight?

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What does The Knight’s Guardia Compagnia ability do?

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As the Knight, you are able to summon three different guards. Who you’ll summon next will be shown on the Killer’s arm with a green insignia. The three guards you can summon are:

  • Skull: Summons the Carnifex. He will break and damage objects faster and has a longer Hunt phase. Great for breaking pallets and walls, and hitting generators.
  • Dagger: Summons the Assassin. The Assassin moves faster during the Hunt, making it easy to catch up to survivors and hit them. He will also cause a Deep Wound status effect.
  • Two Keys: Summons the Jailer. The Jailer moves faster during the Patrol phase, has a larger detection radius, and has a longer Patrol phase. He’s great for spotting survivors.
Screenshot by Gamepur

When summoning any guard, you’ll be put into Guard Patrol, where you can freely move around and create a path for your guard to patrol in. Once you finish, the guard will spawn and enter the Patrol Phase. While in the Patrol Phase, they’ll walk the path you’ve created for them and will walk back and forth. The guard will patrol as long as they can until the timer on your power gauge runs out or they detect a survivor within their radius (indicated by a light green circle around them). If the latter happens, the guard enters the Hunt Phase. The guard doesn’t need to see the survivor in order to enter this phase.

When in the Hunt Phase, the guard will go to where they saw the survivor and leave a Standard — a banner — on the ground. Then, they will start chasing the survivor. A guard will chase a survivor until the power gauge elapses, they or you hit the survivor, unhooking a player, or a survivor grabs the Standard. If a survivor gets the Standard, they gain Endurance and Haste.