How the Second Chance Limited-Time Takeover works in Apex Legends War Games event

Rise from the ashes like a phoenix with all of your gear intact.

Second Chance Takeover LTM

The Second Chance Limited-Time Takeover is a four-day Takeover in the Apex Legends War Games event. It is one of the two War Games LTM Takeovers that last double the length of the others, the other one being Ultra Zones. While nothing changes about how you are downed or revived, the moment you become a banner box: You get a second chance, just as the LTM’s name suggests. You will instantly be respawned high in the air, skydiving into the game at the same map coordinates where you died, just higher up.

The best part about Second Chance is that when you get your auto-respawn, you will still have everything in your inventory: Weapons, gear, ammo, everything! It truly is a phoenix rising from the ashes type of moment, but don’t use this as an excuse to be reckless. It’s called Second Chance, after all, not unlimited chances. This will only happen once per player, per game. After that, the play will continue as normal. The later in the game, you can keep that auto-respawn, the better, especially if you can keep it until the final circle and/or final three.

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During this game mode, due to the major influx of claimable lives, players are not able to earn towards the following in-game badges: Assassin (5 kills in 5 games), Wrath (2000+ damage), and Wake (20 or more kills). They will be completely disabled until Second Chance ends, except in Ranked, where the Takeover is not active.

The Second Chance Limited-Time Takeover is active from April 23 until April 27.