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How the trader cycle works in Clash of Clans

Deals for days.

Once you hit Town Hall level 8 in Clash of Clans, you should notice a new addition to your village in the top left corner. Previously, there would have been a sign mentioning the presence of the trader, but he’s not unlockable yet. Now, this will be replaced with a man in a hat, with a tent next to him. This is the trader, and he is here to offer you some storming deals on magic items that in the right circumstances offer better value for money than simply using gems for boosts.

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However, the trader will only have three items on him every day you check his wares. This is because the trader works on a cycle system, whereby he will have a set inventory that changes each day over a period of 39 days. This means that for the items that appear on Day 1, you will need to wait 39 days for the cycle to complete back around to the first day’s inventory for the exact same three items to appear again.

Clash of Clans Trader
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This means that if you are looking to purchase a specific item from the trader, it will not be random, and instead, you will need to calculate how many days you will need to wait for the item that you want to appear. While this might not be helpful to those looking to use boosting items at a specific time, it is a more reliable system than waiting for a randomized inventory change for your desired item to appear. 

It should also be noted that once you hit Town Hall 8, you don’t immediately start at Day 1 on the cycle, so be wary that the inventory is unlikely to be the same for everyone when it unlocks.

The Trader also provides another very good benefit for players who keep track of their items regularly: free Training and Clock Tower Potions. When used, the Training Potion boosts all training production by four for an hour, including troops, spells, and even Hero recovery times. Meanwhile, the Clock Tower Potion will provide a 10x boost to all building and researching in the Builder Base area for 30 minutes, similar to what is offered in the free boost by the existing Clock Tower. 

Here is the cycle of discounts on offer at the trader’s shop.

DayItem 1Price (in gems)Item 2Price (in gems)Item 3Price (in gems)
1Training PotionFREEPower Potion300Book of Fighting925
2Clock Tower Potion75Shovel of Obstacles500Builder Potion285
3Clock Tower Potion75Resource Potion115Book of Heroes500
4Training Potion25Hero Potion300Builder Potion285
5Wall Ring x 5500Power Potion300Rune of Builder Gold1500
6Wall Ring x 5500Resource Potion115Builder Potion285
7Wall Ring x 5500Hero Potion300Book of Building925
8Clock Tower PotionFREEPower Potion300Builder Potion285
9Training Potion25Research Potion70Rune of Gold1500
10Wall Ring x 101000Resource Potion115Book of Spells925
11Wall Ring x 5500Research Potion70Rune of Builder Elixir1500
12Training Potion25Power Potion300Book of Heroes500
13Training PotionFREEResource Potion115Rune of Builder Gold1500
14Wall Ring x 101000Hero Potion300Builder Potion285
15Training Potion25Research Potion70Builder Potion285
16Training Potion25Resource Potion115Rune of Dark Elixir3000
17Training Potion25Power Potion300Builder Potion285
18Training PotionFREEPower Potion300Rune of Elixir1500
19Wall Ring x 101000Research Potion70Rune of Builder Gold1500
20Clock Tower Potion75Power Potion300Book of Building925
21Clock Tower Potion75Hero Potion300Rune of Builder Elixir1500
22Training Potion25Power Potion300Builder Potion285
23Training Potion25Power Potion300Book of Heroes500
24Training Potion25Power Potion300Builder Potion285
25Clock Tower Potion75Power Potion300Book of Fighting925
26Clock Tower Potion75Power Potion300Builder Potion285
27Training Potion25Resource Potion115Builder Potion285
28Wall Ring x 5500Research Potion70Book of Building925
29Clock Tower Potion75Power Potion300Builder Potion285
30Training Potion25Power Potion300Book of Fighting925
31Clock Tower Potion75Hero Potion300Book of Heroes500
32Training Potion25Hero Potion300Builder Potion285
33Training Potion25Hero Potion300Rune of Gold1500
34Training Potion25Resource Potion115Builder Potion285
35Training Potion25Research Potion70Builder Potion285
36Training PotionFREEResearch Potion70Builder Potion285
37Training Potion25Power Potion300Book of Spells925
38Wall Ring x 5500Shovel of Obstacles500Book of Building925
39Training Potion25Resource Potion115Book of Spells925

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