How to accept drinks while clubbing in BitLife

Enjoy your night out.

Image via Candywriters

Some people may want to join you in these adventures when you’re out having a good time in BitLife. For example, when you’re visiting a club, there’s a chance you can share a drink with someone while you’re enjoying the nightlife. In this guide, we’re going to cover how you can accept drinks while clubbing in BitLife.

How drinking in clubs works in BitLife

It all comes down to having a good time at the nightclub and random events. You can visit a nightclub by going to the Activities option, scrolling down to the Nightlife, and seeing a club. While you’re here, there’s a random chance for someone to offer your character a drink. If they offer you a drink, accept it, and you’ll share a drink with the individual. However, there’s a small catch. Whenever your character has an alcoholic beverage in BitLife, there’s a chance they could become addicted to it. Likewise, when your character drinks an alcoholic beverage, there’s a chance they could become an alcoholic.

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The chance for your character to become an alcoholic is low, but it can happen. If they do and you want to remove it, you must visit Rehab. You can find it while scrolling down the Activities tab, and it should be underneath the Plastic Surgery option. Going to Rehab is not guaranteed to remove this trait from your character, but it gives you a better chance of avoiding it throughout the rest of their life. If they continue to be an alcoholic, you might have to deal with unintended actions and random events.

Going to a club is not the only place to accept drinks. You might also receive drinks when going to a party with friends or hanging out with them. Receiving a drink at a nightclub can be a fun adventure, but it is a random event.