How to access World Cup mode early in FIFA 23

Check out what’s going on ahead of time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The World Cup mode in FIFA 23 allows you to participate in a heavily competitive tournament. It’s a free-to-play addition to FIFA 23, and some players are already checking out the mode ahead of the actual release date. As a result, you can get into World Cup mode a bit earlier than expected for a brief time. However, you can’t do much with it. Here’s what you need to know about accessing the World Cup mode early in FIFA 23.

How to get into the World Cup mode in FIFA 23

Update: It appears that EA Sports has patched this out and you will be unable to access the mode any longer. That said, we will leave this info up in case the mode becomes available again.

The way you can get into the World Cup mode early in FIFA 23 has to do with jumping into the quick action for PlayStation 5 and selecting the option to play under “Multiplayer Activities.” By doing this, players can jump into the World Cup mode menu for the game for a brief time. Unfortunately, as soon as you attempt to click or do anything on this menu, the mode closes you out and boosts you back to the system menu screen.

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We have been unable to jump into the FIFA 23 mode on any other platform. The PlayStation 5 has been the only successful one, but even if you can get into this mode, you won’t be able to do much. Our best advice is to take a quick screenshot of the menu and then prepare to check it out when it fully releases to FIFA 23.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The FIFA 23 World Cup mode will officially be available around November 20 when the real-world event starts. It’s a full month ahead of when players can take a quick look at it, but even if they can check it out ahead of time, no one will be able to start playing it well before anyone else. It looks like the November 20 release date remains intact, and EA will likely create a patch to ensure PlayStation 5 players can no longer navigate their way into this menu.