How to activate the bunny secret room Easter egg in Firebase Z in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

I don’t want to play with this toy anymore.

The Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War carries a ton of secret Easter eggs that are both odd and beneficial to the player. In the first major Cold War Zombies map, there was a Coffin Dance Easter egg that players took full advantage of for the free loot it provided you for doing very little. The second map Firebase Z has a new secret that gives a very similar reward. Here is how to do the bunny secret room Easter egg on the Firebase Z map.

Turn on power

Before you can pull off this Easter egg, you need to turn on the power for the map. When all three Aetherium generators are on, return to the village that you start the game in.

Shoot the stuffed rabbit

After you turn the power on, a blue stuffed rabbit appears in a corner above where the Pack-a-Punch machine is located. You need to shoot that rabbit with a gun. Afterward, you will hear an activation noise and a scream, and the rabbit will start floating and fly into you, causing you to teleport into a jungle in the Dark Aether.

As a note, when we attempted this, we had a Pack-a-Punched Gallo SA12, and it did not work no matter how many times we shot it. We then purchased a Magnum off a nearby wall, and it worked right away, so if you have a shotgun or a PaP’d weapon and nothing happens, try switching to a different gun to see if it works. Also, some people claim you need to stare at the bunny for about 20 seconds before it actually will start flying, so don’t give up if it does not work right away regardless.

Shoot three more rabbits

While you are in the secret room, zombies and mimics will still be chasing you in an almost pitch-black area. There is plenty of free space to move, so do not worry about getting caught in a corner. Just avoid the odd tree or two you may come across, and you will be fine.

You will notice the rabbit we shot before floating in the air surrounded by a pink light in this darkness. Run to it and shoot it to make it disappear. It will reappear in two other areas that you need to track down and shoot again. Once you hit the third rabbit, the zombies and mimics will disappear.

Look around in the darkness and you will notice a weapon crate has spawned that you can run up to and open, much like the one that appears during the Coffin Dance Easter egg. That previous crate would flash four colors when you looked at it, but this one only flashed blue and purple in our game.

When you open it, you will receive a free can of Juggernog, some salvage, and in some cases, a free RAI-K84 wonder weapon. There is a time limit to open the chest, so be sure to pick up the contents as fast as you can so you don’t risk missing out on any of the free loot. The game places you directly in front of the teleporter to the Firebase when you are done here.