How to apply the Deep Wound effect to Survivors with The Legion in Dead by Daylight

Bleed them dry.


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The Legion is one of the few Killers in Dead by Daylight that requires strategy, patience, and cunning. With most Killers, you can ignore a lot of abilities and go straight for a slash on a Survivor, but The Legion has a delayed attack that’s far better for downing them. This guide explains how to apply the Deep Wound effect to Survivors with The Legion, so you can watch the Survivors drop like flies.

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How do you apply the Deep Wound effect with The Legion?

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To apply the Deep Wound effect with The Legion, you must hit Survivors while in a Frenzy. The Legion can trigger a Frenzy state with the ranged attack button, but it lasts only about 10 seconds. Hitting a Survivor with an attack while in this state will inflict the Deep Wound effect and extend the Frenzy, allowing you to hit more Survivors. After a short while without attacking anyone, the Frenzy state will end, but all Survivors that were hit will drop to the Dying state if they don’t heal their Deep Wound soon.

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While in the Frenzy state, The Legion can see other Survivors via their heartbeat for a few seconds after landing a hit. This makes it easy to rush from one Survivor to another, inflicting Deep Wound as you go. This is the most effective way to play as The Legion because they’re much slower while out of the Frenzy state. Inflicting Deep Wound and waiting for Survivors to drop or hitting them again when out of the Frenzy state lets you hook more Survivors than you’d get by hunting them down without using Frenzy.

We recommend using Add-ons that extend the Frenzy state or apply bonus effects to it if you want to play as The Legion. While having the ability to see generators and Survivors under specific circumstances is nice, the Frenzy state is what will ultimately get you more sacrifices. Survivors won’t stand a chance if you keep the pressure on and use Frenzy at every opportunity. You should be able to complete any challenge that requires you to inflict Deep Wound within a single Trial if you focus on using The Legion in this way.