How to quickly hit Survivors after leaving a locker as The Dredge in Dead by Daylight

Escape is impossible.


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The Dredge is one of the most challenging Killers to master in Dead by Daylight. It can cast the map into darkness and teleport between lockers, but none of that is any good if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage. This guide explains how to quickly hit Survivors after leaving a locker as The Dredge, so you can surprise and sacrifice every single one.

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How to track Survivors by teleporting between lockers

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The key to hitting Survivors as you leave a locker is tracking them. The Dredge has three teleports before you must leave a locker, so teleport between a few, preferably ones close to generators, and see if you can hear any heartbeats. If you do, a Survivor is close, and you should get a visual indication of their rough position. You can even see these as you pass over certain spots on the map, so try to keep an eye out for them and teleport to a new locker if it’s closer to the Survivors.

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Using perks that reveal the position of Survivors when you put one on a hook or after a generator is repaired is a great way to find out where they are so you can teleport to them. After all, if you’re trying to complete a challenge that requires you to hit Survivors within a certain number of seconds after leaving a locker, you want to be as close as possible.

Some Survivors are silly enough to get inside lockers when they know they’re playing against The Dredge. This is a massive advantage because you can teleport directly to that locker and emerge with the Survivor in hand, ready to be hooked. It’s difficult to track where Survivors are while teleporting, but if you do it when Nightfall is active, you can see where Survivors are when within a certain radius.

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Finally, you should try to trigger Nightfall as often as you can. Use Add-ons that will extend the length of Nightfall so that once it’s active, it provides you with an advantage over Survivors for longer. Teleporting between lockers boosts the Nightfall meter the most, so teleport every chance you get. It’s also worth remembering that if you don’t hook any Survivors, there are more targets for you to hit after emerging from a locker. If you manage to knock them into the Dying state, just leave them for the other Survivors to clean up, then you can hit them again.