How to beat AI Turo in Pokémon Violet

The future is no longer in flux.


Image via the Pokémon Company

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Pokémon fans all over the world fell in love when Professor Turo made his debut in an early Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer. He is much younger looking than most previous professors, sporting a five o’clock shadow and a futuristic lab coat. In fact, you find out during your journey that he is focusing on researching the future. What you don’t know until much later though, is that one of the final challenges in Pokémon Violet is to defeat an AI version of Professor Turo in a Pokémon battle. AI Turo has some tough future Pokémon, so here is how to overcome them.

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AI Turo’s team in Pokémon Violet and how to defeat them

AI Turo’s team consists of Pokémon Violet’s exclusive future Paradox form Pokémon. Trainers should make sure to have a strong Fairy type Pokémon as well as a good Ground or Rock type one. A great recommendation for a lot of Turo’s Pokémon is Clodsire. It is the perfect Pokémon to start the fight with as it cannot be poisoned, and a good earthquake will definitely take out Iron Moth. Sylveon is probably your best bet for Fairy types as Tinkaton will have trouble with Iron Valiant.

For backup, make sure to have an Electric type that can take a beating. Kilowattrel is good for several fights here, but it is weak to Iron Bundle and will likely faint if it can’t one-shot the opponent. Bellibolt works well against Iron Bundle.

PokémonTypeLevelWeaknessesRecommended Counter
Iron MothFire/Poison66Ground, Psychic, Rock, and WaterClodsire
Iron BundleIce/Water66Electric, Fighting, Grass, and RockBellibolt
Iron HandsFighting/Electric66Fairy, Ground, and PsychicKillowattrel
Iron JugulisDark/Flying66Fairy, Electric, Ice, and RockKilowattrel or Sylveon
Iron ThornsRock/Electric66Fighting, Grass, Ground, and WaterClodsire
Iron ValiantFairy/Fighting67Fairy, Flying, Poison, Psychic, and SteelKilowattrel, Clodsire, or Sylveon

Iron Valiant is a little less of a pushover than AI Sada’s final Pokémon as it doesn’t have a double weakness to anything. Your best bet here is Kilowattrel, Clodsire, or Sylveon as they all can hold their own against Iron Valiant while having super effective attacks against it.

Provided you come prepared, AI Turo is not that difficult of an encounter. Many of his Pokémon share common weaknesses that are easy to counter at this point in the game, and your Pokémon might even be at a much higher level than his team if you did enough exploring throughout your journey.