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How to beat Haniko in a Pet Battle in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Make this fox say, "boohoo."

World of Warcraft gives players quite a bit to do outside of traditional MMO elements. One such activity is Pet Battles, which offers up a pseudo-Pokémon critter collection and battling system in the game with challenges spread throughout the different areas of Azeroth. Haniko is a female Vulpera who trains Dragonkins that you will stumble upon for a specific World Quest or to complete achievements. Here is the easiest way to claim victory against Haniko in a Pet Battle in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

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Where to find The Terrible Three World Quest in WoW

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Haniko is an Expert Pet Trainer that can be found near the Wild Preserve area of the Waking Shores at coordinates 38.8, 83.2. This Vulpera is the objective of the Pet Battle World Quest “The Terrible Three.” She is also involved in the Dragonflight Pet Battle meta achievement.

Tips to beat Haniko in a pet battle in WoW Dragonflight

There are two major strategies to make Haniko’s defeat easier. Which one you choose to go with depends on your Pet Collection and available pets to counter Haniko. This trainer utilizes three Dragonkin Pets of increasing quality, Bloodbiter, Faceripper, and Tina.

  • Bloodbiter has the following attacks:
    • Bite – Basic beast attack.
    • Fade – Makes Bloodbiter invulnerable for a turn and switches it out at the end.
    • Proto-Strike – Two round attack that does massive damage and makes Bloodbiter invulnerable in-between turns.
  • Faceripper has the following attacks:
    • Bite – Basic beast attack.
    • Feign Death – Makes Faceripper invulnerable for a turn and switches it out at the end to Haniko’s highest health pet.
    • Proto-Strike – Two round attack that does massive damage and makes Facebiter invulnerable in-between turns.
  • Tina has the following attacks:
    • Emerald Bite – Basic magic attack.
    • Death Grip – Deals damage and causes you to switch to your lowest health pet after.
    • Starfall – AoE attack that also heals her allies, and causes the Moonlight weather effect for nine rounds, which increases all healing by 25% and magic damage by 10%.

The first method works with almost any NPC Pet Battle in the game. It involves manipulating the scaling system used for Pet Battles in the environment. NPC opponents in the game that are not wild critters will scale to the level of your highest-level pet used in the battle.

  • You can use three level-one pets in this fight, making it extremely easy.
  • Haniko uses pets in the Dragonkin pet family school, meaning they are weak to Humanoid attacks.
  • Utilizing three level-one Humanoid pets with no cooldown Humanoid attacks makes this fight almost impossible to lose. Haniko’s Dragonkins can only use Bite or Emerald Bite at level one, which means they can’t set up their unique strengths.

The second method includes the tips from the previous method but is a legit strategy using level 25 Battle Pets.

  • Utilizing three humanoid family pets with access to Humanoid abilities is advised.
    • Kun-Lai Runt, Father Winter’s Help, and Winter’s Little Helper are three good choices.
    • Bloodbiter is only uncommon quality, so it should go down with just a few regular Humanoid attacks.
    • Faceripper is rare quality, so just make sure to hit it hard with a good rare Humanoid pet. Father Winter’s Helper’s Blizzard and Ice Lance combo works well here.
    • Tina is the main challenge. Overwrite its Moonlight weather effect after it uses Starfall to lessen her damage. Again, Blizzard will work here. Then be sure to stun Tina with Ice Tomb before spamming Ice Lance after.

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This is all you need to know to defeat Haniko in a Pet Battle. Fighting her while The Terrible Three quest is active can offer some decent Pet Battle rewards to help in future Pet Battles.

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