How to beat Moonshine Mob in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC

Time to put the prohibition on these bugs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Some of the most creative bosses in Cuphead are against a whole team of bosses, and that’s exactly what the Moonshine Mob is. Well, technically it’s one boss and all his underlings, but you know what we mean. Here’s how to bring the whole mob down.

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Moonshine Mob – Phase 1

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your first target in this multi-mobster fight is the spider. He’ll walk along one of the three levels in a random direction, so try to stay in the middle as much as possible so you’re not caught by surprise. The spider himself doesn’t attack, so as you’re unloading into him, keep an eye on the rest of the arena for the gang’s attacks. If he stops to press a red button, a handful of explosive webs will drop into the arena. These act like mines, so quickly dash past them to clear the path without getting caught in the explosion. You’ll want these out of the way quickly for visibility’s sake.

Other bugs will attack during this phase. The flies will come out of the background and simply float until they clear the frame, so either avoid their path or clear them out. The bug police will fire little bursts of insecticide, so do the same thing there — avoid the gas or shoot them away. The gas can be pink too, so look for an opportunity to parry. Finally, the spider might fling the caterpillar across the screen. This bounces around like a pinball until destroyed, so be sure to make that a priority when it’s on screen to keep the arena clear.

Moonshine Mob – Phase 2

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The dancer takes over in phase two. Avoid bumping into her or her phonograph to save yourself any needless damage. Police bugs and walking booze barrels will cross the screen, so either stay out of their way or pop off a few shots to clear the walkway. Some of the barrels will be pink too.

The main things to worry about in this phase are the rotating sound waves. They spin around the center of the screen, but they’re harmless while green. However, they will turn orange and harmful at a steady rhythm. When this happens, stay between the beams and move with them, either clockwise or counterclockwise) to avoid being hit. They don’t last very long, so only move the minimum amount to keep yourself at a good vantage point.

Moonshine Mob – Phase 3

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Phase three sees you facing a giant anteater, but it starts with the animal tipping its hat. Fire off a few shots at the snail under there and remember him for later. The anteater’s long snout is your main target here, so fire shots while it pokes out of the left or right side of the screen. Don’t get too close though: it’ll poke or lick you to deal damage. When you hear a stretching sound, it’ll fire its tongue across the screen. This can be parried the whole time it’s deployed, or you can take the opportunity to deal a bunch of damage.

When the tongue pulls back, it’ll bring in a bouncing ball of bugs. These can be destroyed, so focus on clearing them from the screen before going back on the offensive. You don’t want to be stuck with more than one on the screen.

Moonshine Mob – Phase 4

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The first knockout banner you see is a fake-out — remember the snail under the anteater’s hat? He’s the boss, and the fight’s final target. He doesn’t have much health and only uses one attack, but you should still be cautious. Don’t get too close, dodge the sound bullets coming from the megaphone, and parry the occasional pink ones to finish the fight.