How to Beat the Chariot & Justice Shadows in Persona 3 Reload

This boss fight in Persona 3 Reload gives the divide and conquer idea a whole new meaning and players will need to be prepared.

Persona 3 Reload Junpei attack

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There are many types of bosses players will have to face in Persona 3 Reload. Some seem to be easy at first but then will throw a twist that can make the fight complicated and in need of a solid strategy.

Players will reach the Chariot and Justice Shadows on the fifth full moon event. What awaits them is a giant tank-like shadow deep in the underground military base. However, the creature is two shadows combined with the ability to detach and reattach at will.

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Party Setup For Chariot & Justice Shadows in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload Junpei abilities
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This shadow combo has the ultimate defense when they are in their combined state. The Chariot is resistant to all physical attacks while Justice is resistant to all elemental attacks, making the combo resistant to all attacks when combined. The key here is to bring out the heavy hitters to deal enough damage that breaks the two shadows apart while maintaining the party’s HP.

Players should bring Yukari in as a healer to keep everyone’s HP up as she has some of the best healing abilities available in Persona 3 Reload. The Chariot and Justice shadows will deal some heavy physical hits that will lower everyone’s HP. I regretted not having her for this fight. For the heavy hitter, players should bring Junpei or Aigis to deal heavy physical damage. Aigis can take the physical hits from Chariot and Justice and Junpei can deal damage to multiple enemies through elemental damage on top of his heavy physical hits.

Make sure to bring another party member who can take the hits. Double-check everyone’s stats to see who will be a better fit for the fight.

Defeating the Chariot & Justice Shadows in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload Chariot and Justice
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The first task for defeating this annoying duo is the break them apart. Dealing heavy physical damage will break them apart faster. I noticed I could get more physical damage than elemental damage. Once the two are apart, players will need to do equal amounts of damage to both. If one goes down before the other, the shadow still up will get the chance to revive the other.

Persona 3 Reload players can use abilities that will hit both at the same time but because of their different resistances, they will take different amounts of damage. I suggest alternating between hitting the two of them, hitting them with the type of damage they are not resistant to. This will keep their HP decrease at the same rate. Once they are very low on HP, hit them with multitarget abilities to take them out. Make sure they both go down before one of them gets a turn in the round.

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