Persona 3 Reload: Top 5 Tips Players Should Know

Players should go in with a strategy plan to tackle everything Persona 3 Reload has to offer so here are a few tips to help.

Persona 3 Reload tips

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With a remake of an older game comes a few tweaks that change the gameplay and strategy players should make – and that is no different for Persona 3 Reload. The game introduces new mechanics for returning players to learn and schedule management that is unique to the franchise.

Persona 3 Reload is the remake of the franchise-shaping game Persona 3, originally released in 2006. The Persona franchise is known for integrating day-by-day gameplay that has players needing to schedule their time between saving the world and studying for school exams. Thankfully, Persona 3 Reload offers a bit of help with schedule management by showing the options players have chosen to do through the internet connection. However, this function doesn’t give all of the information players will need to know going into this game.

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Take Advantage of the Slow Beginning

Persona 3 Reload social links
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The first two months are the slowest of the game, as the main plot is just starting out. This timeframe will be the most important for finding and leveling up social links with those outside the main party. This is also the best time for increasing the player’s Charm, Courage, and Academics levels.

There is not much happening in the main plot at this time, which leaves a lot of time to do extra activities. Once the story picks up speed, players will have less time to cultivate their social link and attribute stats due to mandatory events.

The Best Place to Spend Spare Time

Persona 3 Reload Cafe
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Players will have a wide variety of options to choose from for spending free time in Persona 3 Reload. I’ve found the best time-sink is working at Chagall Cafe. Hanging out here will help players gain a decent amount of money, while increasing both Charm and Courage.

Other places can increase either attribute, but only one at a time and at a cost- like ordering a burger at Wild Duck Burger. I’ve found working at the cafe and studying at the desk the cheapest and fastest way to level all three attributes.

Always Do Activities With Party Members

Persona 3 Reload party members
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Persona 3 Reload lumps S.E.E.S Party Members together under the Fool Tarot social link. However, the remake introduces the ability to spend time with each member.

Make sure to do these activities whenever players get the chance. When more time is spent with each member, they will gain special ability buffs for combat, making Tartarus and boss fights much easier to manage. These buffs are linked to the Theurgy move, a new mechanic added to the remake.

Always Talk To Elizabeth

Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth
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Elizabeth is the assistant to Igor, the strange man who offers the ability to fuse personas to create new personas. While she gives information about personas, she has a bigger role to play. Elizabeth will provide requests in exchange for important items.

Players may have fulfilled a request without knowing, so always check with her just in case. She also gives Twilight Fragments that allow players to open chests with more valuable items within Tartarus. The amount she gives outweighs the amount players will find on their own.

Get Through the Next Tartarus Level Before the Full Moon

Persona 3 Reload Tartarus
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Tartarus is the giant tower that takes over the school during the Dark Hour in Persona 3 Reload. This is where players do their level grinding. Here you can gather materials, money, and items that will make you stronger and prepare you for the once-a-month boss fight.

I suggest clearing each section before the next full moon in Persona 3 Reload to make sure that the character levels are keeping up with the next boss fight. There is some lore information that can be found while exploring as well, which helps uncover the mysteries of the game. Tartarus is also the location where most of Elizabeth’s quests can be fulfilled.

More Tips for Persona 3 Reload

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