How to become a fisherman in BitLife

Great day for fishing ain’t it! Hu ha!


Image via Candywriter LLC

There are several jobs and careers you can choose for your character in BitLife. Sometimes your character needs to assume a particular job or career to complete a challenge, such as those attempting to become a fisherman to finish the Forrest Gump challenge. Being a fisherman is one of those jobs where you don’t need any prior education or experience to start. Instead, all it takes is a little bit of luck and plenty of patience.

To become a fisherman in BitLife, all you have to do is apply for the position in the jobs and career section. It should be in the occupation category at the bottom of your screen. Go to the Jobs section, and then hope you see an available fisherman slot in the available occupations. If you don’t, you need to wait another year or so before it becomes available. It’s a random job that has the chance of showing up, but there’s no exact way to increase the odds of it appearing. It does help your character have a part-time job or something else they’re working on to make sure they don’t go bankrupt.

Once you become a fisherman, you can treat it like any other job you would have. You can manage it in the occupation section and interact with all of your co-workers. The more times you choose the ‘word hard’ option, the more chances you will receive a raise. When you want to move to a different career, you can find a new job in the same occupation section where you applied to become a fisherman.