How to do the Forrest Gump Challenge in BitLife

A new challenge has arrived.


Image via Candywriter

It’s time to run, Forrest. The new challenge in Bitlife is all about Forrest Gump. You have to follow the loveable character who went through history in the Vietnam War, went to college, and did several other things. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Be a male
  • Go into football in college
  • Enter the army and go to war
  • Become a fisherman
  • Have a son named Forrest

You shouldn’t have too much trouble beating this challenge. You do have to enter college as a male. After that, make sure you enter it an enroll in the football program. It does help to have entered it in high school.

After that, enter the army, and eventually, your character should enter the war. It won’t be pleasant, but it should happen randomly. You have to play a minesweeper game where you need to identify 10 mines to progress.

Following the war, you need to become a fisherman and find it in the job market. It could take some time to show up, so you may have to wait for it to show up in the available market. You may have to wait a few years for it, unfortunately. The last thing is to name your son Forrest, which is to have a kid in the first place, so a marriage does have to happen at some point.

Most of these tasks are pretty straightforward, so you should be good to go to clean them up. You only have four days to complete everything.