How to become a housekeeper in BitLife

Time for some clean living.

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Becoming a housekeeper in BitLife can be difficult. It does not have to do with the talent or skills your character has that you need to worry about, but it’s about finding the job available for your character. It can take a bit of time to appear as an available profession, and you want to ensure you’re looking in the correct place. Here’s what you need to know about how to become a housekeeper in BitLife.

How to get the housekeeper job

The housekeeper occupation is a full-time job in BitLife. Therefore, you will need to look for it under the full-time job sections of the game. Unfortunately, similar to all positions in the game, it will need to appear as a choice for you to pick for your character. If it’s not there, you will need to try again. The best way to do this is to close down the application and look again. You need to make sure it fully closes down, and you start it back up again, or you will have the same list of jobs you previously had.

You want to do this because the alternative is for your character to Age Up, having time pass. This does give you a full range of new jobs in BitLife, but your character becomes older, and they will not live forever.

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Eventually, the housekeeper job should show up as a job for your character to take. It will be a low-salary job, which is good if your character is younger. However, looking for a job and having to Age Up all the time wastes precious time, especially if you’re trying to complete challenges, such as the Sinderella Challenge.