How to become a judge in BitLife

Who objects?

Image via Candywriters

The path to becoming a judge in BitLife takes quite a bit of time. It’s a career that if you really want to accept, you have to put your nose to the grindstone whenever you’re working, put in a decent amount of education, and make sure your character remains healthy. The primary reason your character needs to be healthy is you can only become a judge after you’ve reached an advanced age, roughly around when your character becomes 50 or 60. Before that, though, you need to complete several requirements.

Before you can become a judge, you need to have your character complete their education through high school and then learn about the law while attending university. This process takes roughly four years before you complete it. After that, you then have to go through advanced education and attend law school, which takes less time to complete.

After you’ve completed law school, you can now reach out to a law firm to work as a junior associate. You’ll want to remain at this law firm and work hard every year to become a partner with the establishment eventually. The primary goal you want to reach is to remain a lawyer for 30 years and gain that experience. Because you have to remain here for so long, you want to take care of your character’s health by working out, going on walks, meditating, creating good relationships with your co-workers, and monitoring your character’s diet.

Once you’ve reached 30 years of law experience, you can apply for the Magistrate position at a Municipal. You can only be accepted for this position after going through law school and gaining 30 years of experience as a lawyer. Attempting to go after this job before this time period won’t work.

You’ll need to work hard every year as a Magistrate, similar to when you were working at the law firm, and become good friends with your colleagues. Eventually, you’ll receive a promotion to become a judge.