How to complete the Judy the Judge Challenge in BitLife

It’s time to lay down the law.

Image via Candywriters

The weekend has arrived, and the BitLife challenge is underway. This weekend is the Judy the Judge challenge, where you will be a television personality, serving justice to everyone who arrives in your courtroom. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to complete Judy the Judge Challenge in BitLife.

All Judy the Judge Challenge tasks

You must complete these tasks to finish the Judy the Judge Challenge in BitLife.

You first need to create a character and ensure they’re born in Brooklyn. When they’re born there, you want to ensure you’re focusing on increasing your Smarts and Looks at a young age. This will assist you as you grow and have to do other things with this character.

The next thing you need to focus on is going to Law School. This will take a lot of dedication as you focus on law in university, which is what you want to do in college. When you complete college, you will need to apply to Law School for another four years. After working through all of these courses, you will have completed law school.

Now you have the opportunity to become a Judge. This will take a great deal of time because you will need to be a lawyer for 30 years. You can find the role of being a Lawyer in the occupation slot, which has a chance to appear. If you do not see it, we recommend closing down the BitLife application and then refreshing it, repeating this process until it appears. After working 30 years as a Lawyer, look for the Magistrate position on the Occupation page, and apply for it. You will then need to work through this career path to become a Judge.

At the same time, your character will need to become a famous actor. They can do this on the side by increasing their looks and trying to apply for minor roles. However, becoming a renowned actor will take a great deal of time, on top of them being a lawyer and working hard in this role.

They need to join a crime show when they’re an actor. You will need to continue this role for 25 years, which can take time. You will want to work with your agent to try and get you a crime show or look for any available roles in this position.

You will have finished the Judy the Judge challenge when you complete all of these tasks. In addition, you will receive a random appearance item for your BitLife account.