How to become a lawyer in BitLife

Hard work pays when you are a lawyer.


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There are few occupations ridiculed by the public more than lawyers. You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them, but one thing is for sure: to get to that position takes a lot of hard work and determination. Depending on your field of expertise in real life, you stand to make a lot of money for your hard work. However, there is a lot of natural talent that comes with being a servant of justice.

BitLife is no different. If you want to become a lawyer, you have to put the work in, and that’s right through from kindergarten level right up until you graduate from Law School. Sure, you might slip up now and again, but if you can maintain the high standards required, your character can become a lawyer and earn some of the highest salaries in the game for an honest job.

So how do you make it happen? First, you will need to ensure that the character that you are given has a good start in the smarts attribute. If you start a character that has above 60% smarts, you will have a foundation good enough to make it all the way through.

As you grow your character, always ensure that they have the best grades that they can get. If you’re unsure how to do this, head to the ‘School’ menu on the left side of the main hub, and then tab on your school, usually at the top of your page. From here, the option at the bottom is to Study Harder, and this should provide a boost to your grades, though it can also increase your stress level, which you can see on the Schedule page under the School/Occupation tab.

Continue this as you go through the school years, doing any extracurricular activities that you feel will help your character’s well-being. Once you reach graduation from high school, if you’ve been getting the top grades, you may be offered the chance to go to university. If you don’t get this option, you may need to go through Community College first. 

The subject of study that you’re looking for at university is ‘Political Sciences.’ This is the study tree that leads to a law career. Any of the three finance options can be attempted without repercussions. However, most typical games will require a student loan, which is available most often, so asking your parents or seeking a scholarship is worth attempting first.

Continue with maximizing your grades while maintaining a good mental state. Once you graduate from university, if you continue to excel with your grades, you can seek higher education, and from here, you need to pick ‘Law School,’ represented by the scales icon. Again, choose a finance option. If you have maintained good grades, there is a higher chance of receiving a scholarship for Law School.

Once again, maintain top grades, and then you can graduate Law School. From here, you can look for a law-based job in the Jobs section of the Occupation menu. Typically, you would start as a ‘Law Clerk,’ but you can also apply as a ‘Junior Associate.’ After you have got through the interview, you have made it into a career in law, and the achievement for the career should pop on the first time that you reach the ‘Junior Associate’ level.

From here, it’s up to you how far you want to improve your standing. Once you’ve made it to the ‘Partner’ level, you have hit the peak of the law profession in BitLife.

BitLife Lawyer
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