How to become a Librarian in BitLife

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The librarian profession is one of many you can explore in BitLife. It’s a job that you can earn through dedication, and you can give it to your character and choose to use it to make a living. Not everyone may want to become a librarian, but if you’re looking to complete a specific challenge in the mobile game, you may need to unlock it and use it to make money. Here’s what you need to know about how to become a Librarian in BitLife.

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How to get the Librarian job in BitLife

The Librarian is one of the several jobs you can acquire while playing the game. Like the other professions in the mobile game, the only way to find it is by going to the Occupation tab, bringing up the various jobs, and seeing if it’s currently offered somewhere in your character’s present location. If you don’t see it, there are no option positions for a Librarian, and you’ll need to wait until those become available.

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One of the better ways to do this without waiting for another year to pass in BitLife is to close down the application and load it back up. This way, all the jobs in the occupation will refresh, and your character won’t have to progress through the years. It’s a good way to acquire this job at the earliest possible age rather than waiting until the right moment. You can do this for any job in BitLife. We always recommend seeing if it works to ensure you don’t waste a character chasing after a specific job, especially for any of the BitLife challenges.

The Librarian should be a relatively easy job to acquire. In our experience, your character does not require an advanced degree to qualify for this role.