How to complete the Beast and Beauty challenge in BitLife

A story supposedly all about love.

Image via Candywriters

Another challenge has arrived in the BitLife mobile game, and it’s called The Beast and Beauty. It’s a twist on the Disney classic story, and you might find a few similarities between the two topics but don’t expect a one-for-one retelling of the story. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Beast and Beauty Challenge in BitLife.

All the Beast and Beauty tasks and how to complete them in BitLife

You’ll need to work through these various tasks as a single character to complete the challenge. You have a set time to complete everything in this challenge, but if you don’t, you can choose to undertake this challenge at a later point.

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Here’s everything you need to do to finish the Beast and Beauty challenge in BitLife.

  • Be born a female in France
  • Become a Librarian
  • Read 10+ books
  • Have 100% looks
  • Marry an Uggo

Many of these tasks on the mobile should be relatively straightforward, and you should be able to finish them in a reasonable amount of time. The first thing you need to do is for your character to make sure they are born a female, and they start in France.

After you’ve done that, as they begin school and start studying, go out of your way to read at least ten books. These do not have to be complicated books, so don’t feel obligated to pick the ones with the most pages.

When your character reaches at least 18 years old, they’ll have a chance to become a librarian. Becoming a librarian is a bit random, so you’ll need to be patient with this part. You can find it in the Occupation sections of the game, and it is a full-time job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always have the chance to appear, so you may need to close out of BitLife, load it back up, and see if it appears. Once it does, have your character apply to it. They should not have too much trouble doing this coming out of high school, but there’s always the option to attend college and get a Literature degree.

After that, ensure your character reaches at least 100% in the Looks stat. You can improve this with plastic surgery, working out, eating healthy, and going to the saloon to get a haircut. Working out regularly is typically the best thing to do. Eventually, have your character marry someone with extremely low Looks stat, and you should be able to tell that when you’re dating this individual, which classifies them as an “Uggo.”

Once you’ve done everything, you’ll have completed the Beast and Beauty Challenge. In addition, you’ll receive a random profile reward for your trouble.