How to become a marriage counselor in BitLife

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Your character in BitLife can select to accept multiple unique jobs throughout their lifetime. Some of these professions are more difficult than others, and they might require specific education and training before becoming viable career paths. For example, the marriage counseling can be a difficult profession to unlock your character. Here’s what you need to know about how to become a marriage counselor in BitLife.

How to get the marriage counselor job in BitLife

For the marriage counselor job, it is a requirement for your character to go through college. We recommend that when they go through high school, your character regularly works hard on their grades and visits the library as often as possible. This will improve their Smarts stats, making it easier for them to complete complicated school work, and earn high grades. When they’re out of high school and apply for college, make sure they attempt to go for a Psychology major. Like other college degrees, it will take your character four years to earn their degree.

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After your character earns their four-year degree, the next task is to try and find the job available in the occupation tab. Unfortunately, this is entirely a luck-based situation. When scrolling through the open occupations, you will receive an assortment of randomized jobs.

Hopefully, the marriage counselor position is available. If you don’t see it, the best thing to do is drop out of your BitLife application, turn it back on, and refresh the game to see if you can find it again. This will give you a new list of jobs to pick from, and your character will not have age, preventing you from losing precious time with them. When you see the job available, apply for it, and so long as you have a Psychology major on your character, you should unlock the job.