How to become an exorcist in BitLife

It’s not a career for everyone.

Image via Candywriter

There are a variety of career paths you can choose in BitLife. Your character can become a pilot. They can choose to undergo many years of schooling and become a doctor. Those who want a bit more fame can develop their career to become the next prominent action hero actor. Like becoming an actor, some of these careers require quite a bit of luck to work, and it’s not always successful. It’s all about being patient for the correct career option to show up. The same goes for becoming an exorcist, and luckily, there are no schooling requirements.

If you’re looking to complete the Ghostbuster’s Challenge for BitLife or the Demon Slayer challenge, you need to become an exorcist. It is a career you can choose to take in the game, but having your character become an exorcist is slightly annoying. It boils down to accepting the exorcist job when it’s available, and unfortunately, it happens randomly. You can find it in the occupation section in the job listing. It won’t always be there, so you may need to wait a year for it to pop up, and when it does, accept it immediately. So long as you don’t have any pending criminal records holding your character back, they should be accepted for the job no problem. The job comes through your location’s church.

You do not need any formal education to choose this career. Your character can accept it when they graduate from high school and are 18.

From there, you want to work hard every day to earn more money. The career does not pay too much at all, so every dollar is precious, and it can make purchasing a decent house slightly tricky for the first few years. If you want to remove ghosts from your house when it’s haunted, you need to click on your house, choose the spirit residing in them, and attempt to exorcise them. You won’t always successfully do it, but you can do it multiple times a year, so messing up is not the end of the world.