BitLife: How to Become An Exorcist

It’s not a career for everyone.

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There are a variety of career paths you can choose in BitLife, like an Exorcist. Your character can become a pilot. They can choose to undergo many years of schooling and become a doctor. Those who want more fame can develop their career to become the next prominent action hero actor.

Similar to becoming an actor, some of these careers require a lot of luck to work, and it’s not always successful. It’s all about being patient for the correct career option to show up. The same goes for becoming an exorcist; luckily, there are no schooling requirements.

How to get the Exorcist job in BitLife

Image via BitLife

The Exorcist career in BitLife does not pay well. It’s not a job you want to go out of your way to find unless you’re attempting to clear one of the challenges. There are multiple challenges that are typically asking you to become an Exorcist, which makes it a sought-after job in that regard.

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When you’re looking to become an Exorcist in BitLife, it all comes down to chance and seeing if it’s available. Thankfully, you do not need any formal education to choose this career. Your character can accept it when they graduate from high school and are 18. You will need to find it available in the Occupation menu, and see of it’s an offered position in your city, typically close to the bottom given how little money you earn from it.

You want to work hard every day to earn more money. The career does not pay too much at all, so every dollar is precious in BitLife, and it can make purchasing a decent house slightly tricky for the first few years. If you want to remove ghosts from your home when it’s haunted, you need to click on your house, choose the spirit in them, and attempt to exorcise them. You won’t always successfully do it, but you can do it multiple times a year, so messing up is not the end of the world.

I’ve found that many BitLife characters enjoy making their character’s profession an exorcist for fun, normally around Halloween.