How to brainwash followers in Cult of the Lamb

Your cultists will be tasting colors.

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While a follower’s acceptance into a cult seems to already imply some level of brainwashing, keeping their faith is something you have to constantly do in Cult of the Lamb. When you’re out on crusades, it’s important to return every once and a while to make sure your followers aren’t starting to question all those prophecies you’re passing down. Having your faith meter drop too low means that dissenters may start popping up in your ranks, and that can lead to a landslide of doubt in your leadership.

The Brainwash ritual is a good babysitter on that front. It locks the faith of your followers in place for two days. This leaves you without the need to worry about dissenters because your flock is all completely stoned out of their minds. Here’s how to take advantage of brainwashing in Cult of the Lamb.

Acquiring the Brainwashing Ritual

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To find the brainwashing ritual, you first have to get some exploration done in Anura. This requires seven followers to unlock the gate. Once you’re in, make sure you explore every area thoroughly. You’re looking for an encampment of mushroom people seeking Menticide Mushrooms. Don’t attack them. Instead, if you talk to them, they’ll tell you of their leader and Spore Grotto. This reveals the area on your world map.

Once you return to your camp, you can travel to Spore Grotto and talk to Sozo, a “mushroom researcher.” He’ll first give you the task of finding 10 mushrooms. These can be found growing in Anura, but you can also plant spores to grow them yourself. Once you have 10 mushrooms, Sozo will give you a talisman piece and ask you to bring him 20 more. Collect all the needed mushrooms and then return. He will then teach you the Brainwashing Ritual.

Using the Brainwashing Ritual

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To use the Brainwashing Ritual, simply go to your temple altar. Select it and go to the rituals menu. Brainwashing should now be available to you. However, there’s a catch. Rather than using bones as you would normally do in a ritual, you instead need 25 mushrooms (12 if you have researched cheaper rituals).

Just note that while this means happy cultists for a couple of days, there’s a high chance of them getting sick after it wears off. It’s a good idea to be prepared for that case, because the accumulation of poop and vomit can mean that it spreads to other followers. Let it sit for too long, and your compound could end up being a ghost town.