How to Get the Mating Tent in Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh

Cult of the Lamb delivered on its promise; it’s time to unlock and use the Mating Tent in Sins of the Flesh.

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For Sins of the Flesh, the Cult of the Lamb update that promises to let your Followers get closer than ever before, no building is as important as the Mating Tent.

While you could already have a pretty comfy Grand Shelter for your followers to drop Divine Inspiration even in their sleep, there was no in-game craft that would let them do more than sleep together. Now, thanks to the Sins of the Flesh update, you can have your followers — yes, even Bishops and Narinder — join each other in the Mating Tent. However, you won’t just find this building nestled in your cult’s headquarters as soon as you log into the game. To get the mating tent in Cult of the Lamb, you first have to unlock and build it.

How to Unlock the Mating Tent in Cult of the Lamb

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To unlock the Mating Tent in Cult of the Lamb, head to the temple and give a sermon. This will cause Sin to slither by and explain all the new mechanics in Sins of the Flesh.

Sin’s appearance won’t only unlock new rituals and combat skills but also give you new buildings to unlock with Divine Inspiration.

Now that the Mating Tent exists in your Cult of the Lamb game, head to the statue at the center of your headquarters, collect 1 point of Divine Inspiration, and spend it to unlock the Mating Tent building. You’ll find it on the far right of the building unlock menu, and the only pre-requisite is to have unlocked the Prison.

How to Build the Mating Tent in Cult of the Lamb

Once unlocked, head to the building sign next to the Divine Inspiration statue to build a Mating Tent in Cult of the Lamb. The Mating Tent structure can be found in the Faith menu under the Sin heading.

Keep in mind that you can only have one Mating Tent per headquarters, so you won’t be having a mating party with your followers anytime soon.

How to Use the Mating Tent in Cult of the Lamb

use mating tent cult of the lamb
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Using the Mating Tent in Cult of the Lamb requires 1 Sin point. Select two of your followers to mate in the Mating Tent, but make sure their chances to breed are high enough for them to produce an egg.

As your followers breed, you’ll just awkwardly stand by, smiling at them. Because god forbid they get a bit of privacy while they do the deed. Literally.

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The best way to get a Sin point is to nudge your followers to drink and play the Drum Circle for them. Everyone knows playing the drums is one of the seven deadly sins, so this will fill the selected follower’s sin meter right to the brim.