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How to build a drying rack in Sons of the Forest

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There are plenty of structures and tools for you to build in Sons of the Forest that will help you survive on the island. Once you have built a home, you are going to need to build some additional structures to call it a base. One of the items you will want is a drying rack. This useful tool lets you dry out leather and meat that you’ve obtained from animals to use for crafting. This guide will show you how to build a drying rack in Sons of the Forest.

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How to make a drying rack in Sons of the Forest

Crafting in Sons of the Forest can get a bit tricky. Thanks to the two different building styles, even building a staircase can prove to be a bit of a challenge. To build a drying rack, you will need to start by bringing up your guidebook. This is done by pressing the B key. With the guidebook pulled up, make sure you are holding it in your left hand. If not, hold the X key to change the build mode so that you are.

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The plans for the drying rack can be found under the storage section of the guidebook. Once you have found the plans for it, select it with your mouse and you will see a wireframe of the drying rack appear in front of you. Choose where you want to place the rack and press the left mouse button to set it down. With the frame in place, you will need to gather the sticks needed to build it.

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Sticks can be found throughout the forest but can be reliably obtained by destroying small trees. You will need a total of nine sticks to make the drying tack. Once you have the sticks, walk up to the wireframe of the drying rack and press the E key to place the sticks. You will need to press the key once for each stick being placed. With the sticks all placed, you will have a drying rack to go along with the rest of your camp. Now you can build more complicated structures like a bridge.

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