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How to build a suspension bridge in Sons of the Forest

Span the distance.

You will spend a great deal of time in Sons of the Forest building different homes and creating elaborate bases to keep yourself safe from the environment and the cannibalistic threats of the island. There are various base components that you can make at the start of the game with a suspension bridge being one of them. While they may seem simple, bridges can actually be pretty difficult to craft. This guide will show you how to build a suspension bridge in Sons of the Forest.

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How to make a suspension bridge in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, you have access to a free-form building style that allows you to make some pretty impressive structures. You can use this building system to make amazing houses with different components. Whether you are working with tree-top bases or simply want to connect your base to a friend’s, a suspension bridge is a nice component to add to your home. To make a suspension bridge, start by building a basic frame using three logs. You can also build a wall with horizontal logs if you wish.

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Once you have a basic frame or wall built, you will need to build a second one. Suspension bridges can span decent distances but it is best to keep the frames within three log lengths of each other. Once you have a second frame built, you will need at least two bundles of rope. Rope can easily be found by searching the various camps that appear around the island. Be careful, these camps can be home to many threats as well.

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Now that you have the rope, you can connect the frames. Equip the rope to your hand and walk up to one of the frames. You will see different arrows appear depending on what part of the frame you are looking at. Focus on the top beam of the frame or wall or you will eventually see a horizontal arrow. Click the left mouse button when you see this arrow to attack the rope. A second line will appear. Place the second anchor point on the other frame or wall. Do this again with the second rope.

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With both ropes attached, you will now need some logs. You can have Kelvin help you to make things go quicker. Split the logs in half longways like you would when making a staircase. Go to the gap between the ropes to see an arrow appear that separates. Place the logs between the ropes. You will need a different amount depending on how long the bridge is. After enough logs have been placed, your bridge will be complete.

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