How to make defensive walls in Sons of the Forest

Great for keeping threats out.

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In Sons of the Forest, you will end up crafting a base to protect yourself from outside threats such as weather and cannibals. When the walls of your humble abode aren’t enough, it is time to craft a defensive wall to keep the enemies out. Defensive walls are a great addition to any base and are difficult for enemies to break down. Add some extra strength to the wall by barring it with a log. This guide will show you how to make defensive walls in Sons of the Forest.

How to craft defensive walls in Sons of the Forest

The best offense is a good defense, and that is true even in survival. You can’t expect to take the fight back to the mutants and cannibals if you are constantly having your base gets destroyed by them. That is where the defensive walls come in. Construct a few of them to help keep enemies out of your camp. Build an overlook and you can shoot down on them from above without them being able to touch you.

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Crafting a defensive wall is fairly simple and starts with a handful of logs. Start chopping down trees and collecting the logs required for the wall — you can even instruct Kelvin to help you gather them. You will need a lot of logs depending on how big you plan on making the wall. Once you have a good number of them, pick some up and look at the ground where you want them placed. By default, you will place logs horizontally on the ground. Press the right mouse button to change how you will place them. When a circle appears, that means you will place them vertically.

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Place the logs side-by-side whenever the indicator shows a white circle. Once you have enough logs for the wall, finish the structure by sharpening the ends of them. To make the spikes, look at the top of the logs while holding your axe. This will make red lines appear the show a point on the log. Hold the left mouse button to ready your axe and press it a second time to cut the points into the tops of the logs. Make sure to build a fire as well to help ward off enemies.