How to make Lingering Stamina mead in Valheim

Boost your Stamina regeneration stat with a sip of Lingering Stamina mead in Valheim.

Lingering stamina mead in Valheim

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Stamina is a crucial replenishable resource in Valheim used for both combat and exploration, and consumables like Lingering Stamina mead can ensure you always have sufficient Stamina for your next enemy encounter. Brewed with a mead base in a Fermenter, Lingering Stamina mead can bolster your Stamina regeneration by 25% for five minutes, which can help you perform those last few attacks to take down Seekers in the Mistlands. To craft the mixture recipe required for this brew, you will need three ingredients: Cloudberries × 10, Jotun Puffs × 10, and Sap × 10.

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Crafting the mead base for Lingering Stamina mead in Valheim

Ingredients for making Lingering stamina mead in Valheim
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The first ingredient for making Lingering Stamina mead in Valheim is Cloudberries. This fruit grows naturally in the Plains biome, similar to how you can find Raspberries in the Meadows. The mead base’s next resource is Jotun Puffs, a local specialty of the Mistlands. Remember that you will need a Wisplight to clear the fog and effectively explore the biome. The third and final ingredient, Sap, is also found in the Mistlands. However, gathering Sap in Valheim is not as easy as simply walking up to a node and picking it up.

To collect Sap for making Lingering Stamina mead in Valheim, you will need a Sap extractor, which can draw liquid from the giant glowing Ancient Roots you encounter in the Mistlands. The extractor is crafted using the following materials: Yggdrasil wood × 10, Black metal × 5, and a Dvergr extractor × 1. Yggdrasil wood is harvested from Yggdrasil shoot in the Mistlands, and Black metal is smelted in a Blast furnace using Black metal scrap collected from Fulings.

Jotun puffs and Ancient Root in Mistlands of Valheim
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Lastly, the Dvergr extractor is a unique item found in crates within settlements of the neutral Dvergr faction. However, remember that they will become hostile if you destroy their crates. Once you have procured the Sap and the other two items needed for the mead base, you can make Lingering Stamina mead in Valheim using your Fermenter.