How to catch a Ditto in Pokémon Go for the Tour: Kanto Research Collection challenge

There’s only one way to do it.

Image via Niantic

For those looking to complete your Research Collection challenge for the Tour: Kanto event in Pokémon Go, you might be looking for Ditto. Typically, you need to find other Pokémon to capture Ditto, as it prefers to remain disguised as another Pokémon. When that happens, you have to seek out all of the disguises it can take to trick you. You’d only discover it was a Ditto when you already captured it. For the Tour: Kanto event, things will be working a bit differently, and you can find Ditto in alternative methods.

A great way to knock Ditto off your Research Collection checklist is to complete the Special Research task. One of the final rewards is a shiny Ditto, and for everyone who purchased the Tour: Kanto ticket, Red or Green version, you’ll receive this reward. This will be Ditto’s shiny appearance, so you want to make sure to complete all of the tasks in a timely fashion before the event ends on February 27.

This will be the only way for players to capture a Ditto for the event from what we can tell. There doesn’t appear to be any disguises the Pokémon is taking, and it doesn’t have a boosted spawn in the wild, and it’s not making any raid appearances. While it is a little unfortunate, at least it’s a guaranteed encounter for those who find it extremely aggravating to attempt to find a Pokémon that has an increased spawn during the event.

Ensure you keep up with all of the other Collection challenges in the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto event. For those who complete the Special Research, you’ll unlock the All-in-One 151 Masterwork research challenge to catch a shiny Mew.