How to complete the Research Collection challenge for Tour: Kanto in Pokémon Go

Time for a research project.

Image via Niantic

For those who jump on Pokémon Go events fairly regularly, the research tasks are a major component of the game. Not only do these tasks feature specific tasks for everyone to complete, they typically feature special rewards if you can finish them in a timely fashion. The Research Collection celebrates the many research challenges players have had to complete, and features a few from the Tour: Kanto research task that all players will want to complete, especially if they want to capture a shiny Ditto.

If you want to perform this challenge, make sure you’ve purchased the Tour: Kanto ticket from the Pokémon Go application. After you’ve done that, you’ll have to choose the Red or Green version of the game, each with exclusive Pokémon available them, and increased chances of capturing particular shiny versions.

The Tour: Kanto event will be happening from February 20 at 9 AM and continues until 9 PM in your local time zone. You have until February 27, the end of the Kanto Celebration, to complete this collection challenge.

All Research Collection Challenge Pokémon

These are all of the Pokémon you need to catch to complete the Research Collection challenge in the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto.

  • Aerodactyl
  • Chansey
  • Cubone
  • Ditto
  • Lapras
  • Lickitung
  • Snorlax
  • Tangela

Rewards: 151 XP, 3 Silver Pinap berries, and a Ditto encounter.

These Pokémon are some of the rarer choices you’re going to find during the Tour: Kanto event. Many of them will be appearing in exclusive formats, such as Tangela appearing in the field research tasks, and Snorlax being a reward for the Tour: Kanto raid collection challenge. You’ll have to investigate and perform other tasks, but these Pokémon are appearing in the game.