How to catch festive fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Even the fish are festive.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The holidays have come back to Disney Dreamlight Valley and you can get your hands on plenty of festive items. There are a lot of crafting recipes, holiday furniture, and even star path rewards for you to obtain. One of the more interesting holiday-themed items in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the festive fish. These underwater creatures are like the normal fish in the game but each has some slight holiday flair. This guide will show you how to catch festive fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find festive fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Just like how the Halloween event brought in Halloween-themed items like candy, jack-o-lanterns, and spooky furniture, you can get festive items during the winter holiday event. The weirdest of the items you can find are the festive fish. These yule-tide sea critters weren’t available at the start of the month but became available a few weeks into December.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The festive fish look like normal fish that you find throughout the valley but with an extra bit of holiday style to them like Santa hats and mistletoes. These fish don’t spawn in normal fishing nodes and instead are only found in specific locations. When searching for these fish, look in the biomes you would normally find them:

  • Festive Anglerfish – Forgotten Lands
  • Festive Bass – Peaceful Meadow
  • Festive Fugu – Dazzle Beach
  • Festive Salmon – Sunlit Plateau
  • Festive Squid – Glade of Trust

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When searching for the festive fish, you can only catch them in nodes that are red and green. Obviously, this is done to represent the holiday colors but it also helps the nodes stand out amongst the others that appear in the waters around the valley. Once you catch all of the festive fish, you will complete the “Even Fish Are Festive” Dreamlight Duty which is among the holiday-themed duties.