How to complete the Halloween quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley is getting spooky.

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There are plenty of tasks for you to complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Completing these tasks will reward you with Dreamlight and some will even give you prizes. The Scar’s Kingdom update may have brought in Scar, but it also brought in a whole bunch of new tasks that are all themed after Halloween. These tasks include making Halloween-themed meals, wearing villainous masks, and even starting a farm. This guide will show you how to complete all of the Halloween quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Stockpiling Pumpkins task

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One of the easier tasks on the list is called Stockpiling Pumpkins and it requires you to start a Pumpkin farm. If you have been farming Pumpkins to get money, you should already know how to easily get this task done. You simply need to go to the Forgotten Lands biome, purchase Pumpkin Seeds from Goofy’s Stall, and plant them anywhere in the valley. The task requires you to harvest 100 Pumpkins and will reward you with the Pumpkin Stack furniture piece.

Sugar Rush task

The Sugar Rush task is another simple activity you can participate in that requires you to eat a ton of Candy, which makes sense since that is a huge part of Halloween. You can make Candy using Sugarcane, Cocoa Beans, or Vanilla. Simply throw one of the ingredients into the pot at a cooking station and hit the cook button to get Candy. This task is a three-tier task that requires you to eat a total of 45 pieces of Candy. Completing the entire task will get you the Happy Jack O’ Lantern, Mischievous Jack O’ Lantern, and Friendly Jack O’ Lantern.

Trick or Treat task

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For the Trick or Treat task, you simply need to be a friend and give gifts to the residents of the valley. This task calls for 10 presents to be given out and they can’t all go to the same resident. Choose 10 different residents and give each of them an item from your inventory. The gift doesn’t have to be one of the resident’s favorites of the day. For completing this task, you will be given the Mickey Mouse Pumpkin.

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Villainy Wears Many Masks task

Halloween is a time to dress up and so it is only appropriate that there is a task that requires you to wear a costume. Of course, to complete this task you don’t need to wear a full costume, just a mask. There is a chance one will appear in Scrooge’s Store for you to purchase. You can also get one from the third page of the Villains’ Star Path for 25 Tokens. Put the mask on to complete the task and you will be given the Purple Trick or Treaters’ Bounty as a reward.

A 3-Course Halloween Meal! task

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The final task on the list is to make a 3-course meal themed after Halloween. While this may sound like you are supposed to make a wonderful Halloween-themed meal with Remy, it is actually talking about candy. Three different colors of candy to be exact. When you log in, you will see candy buckets scattered about the valley. Collect the candy buckets and you will get three different colors of candy. Eat all of the candy to complete this quest. As a reward, you will get the Candy Collector’s Green Loot.