How to Catch Spiritomb in Pokemon Go

Spiritomb is back in Pokemon GO for a limited time, so here’s everything you need to know to catch it while you can.

Spiritomb Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company

In Pokemon Go, certain Pokemon can only be caught during special events or situations, such as timed research. Spiritomb is this year’s Timed Research treat, available for a limited time only, and trainers are asking how they can catch one.

Spiritomb debuted during Halloween a few years ago and has re-emerged around the holiday ever since, which is perfectly on brand for a creature comprised entirely of spirits. That means that Pokemon Go trainers who don’t manage to catch Spiritomb this year will likely have to turn to other elusive catches until the spooky season comes around again. If you want to make sure you snag Spiritomb while you can, here’s what you need to know.

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When Can I Catch Spiritomb in Pokemon GO?

In 2023, Spiritomb will appear in Pokemon GO as part of a special Timed Research event coinciding with the game’s Halloween event. That means trainers can catch Spiritomb in Pokemon GO until 8 PM local time on October 31.

How Do I Catch Spiritomb in Pokemon GO?

Spiritomb Research Pokemon GO
Screenshot by Gamepur

Ghost Pokemon Spiritomb will appear as the reward for completing all of the Timed Research tasks for Spiritomb Limited Research. Spiritomb Limited Research is a free research tier, which means all players can participate and try to snag this spooky Pokemon.

The research tasks are themed around the number 108, which is said to be how many spirits makeup Spiritomb and also happens to be its Pokedex number. These on-theme tasks include:

  • Earn 1080 Stardust
  • Earn 1080 Experience Points
  • Make 108 Nice Throws
  • Make 108 Curveball Throws
  • Use 108 Berries to Catch Pokemon
  • Earn 10,080 Experience Points
  • Spin 8 PokeStops/Gyms
  • Spin 10 PokeStops/Gyms

Each completed task will result in a minor reward of its own, including Pokemon encounters with other event creatures like Yamask and Gastly, as well as item drops. Once you complete all of the tasks, you will gain some additional XP, 108 stardust, and a chance to catch Spiritomb through an encounter. Be sure to stock up on berries and your best Poke Balls because once the encounter ends, you won’t have another shot to catch this Pokemon.

Can Spiritomb Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon Go Logo with Shiny Spiritomb
Image via The Pokemon Company

Shiny hunters, rejoice! You can catch a Shiny version of Spiritomb in Pokemon Go as part of this research encounter.

The odds of getting a Shiny version are slightly higher for special event Pokemon like Spiritomb, but you only get one go at catching one, so the chances are still not great. But it is definitely possible, and you might just get lucky!

As so many tasks for this special research are basic parts of playing Pokemon Go, trainers have a good shot at completing them if they get out there and spin PokeStops, catch Pokemon, and throw the occasional curveball in. It’s a time-limited chance that (so far) only comes around once a year, so trainers should definitely take advantage while they can catch Spiritomb in Pokemon Go.