How to catch Survivors in bear traps in Dead by Daylight

Listen for the screams, then hunt them down.


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There are so many Killers in Dead by Daylight that you have near endless options when it comes to capturing and sacrificing Survivors. However, there are times when you must restrict yourself for a challenge or Daily Ritual, or just to prove your skill with a particular Killer. This guide explains how to catch Survivors in bear traps so no one ever questions your prowess again.

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How do you catch Survivors in bear traps?

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To catch Survivors with bear traps, you need to have Survivors run into and trigger bear traps. To do this, you need to be playing as The Trapper Killer. This is the only Killer that used standard bear traps, unlike The Pig which uses reverse bear traps. Once you’ve selected this Killer and have jumped into a Trial, you’ll see bear traps highlighted in white around the map. The Trapper also starts with two bear traps that can be placed wherever you want.

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Place bear traps in doorways, close to pallets, and near generators. These are the locations where Survivors are most likely to step on a bear trap in a hurry and get caught. If you place them elsewhere, there’s a good chance that Survivors will see and disarm the bear traps you place. Once a bear trap is triggered, either because it’s been disarmed or has caught a Survivor, you can reset it by standing over it and pressing the ranged attack button. If a Survivor is caught in a bear trap, you can hit them to instantly knock them into the Dying state.

Where are the best places to use bear traps?

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The best places to plant bear traps so they’re almost guaranteed to catch Survivors are locations where Survivors don’t have a chance of seeing them, or ones they’ll rush through. For example, placing a bear trap on steps or stairs makes it harder to see, so Survivors will almost certainly get caught by it whether they’re being chased or not. Likewise, planting a bear trap at the top of a hill or incline will always trap Survivors because they can’t see over the precipice of the incline. They stand no chance and will always get caught as a result.

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Finally, just try to be sneaky with your bear traps. If you place two and want to place more, go to a point on the map where they’re not going to capture Survivors, such as close to completed generators, pick them up, and place them elsewhere. When the Survivors have repaired a few generators, make sure you plant bear traps in front of the gate switches on the map. This will ensure that you catch Survivors even if they repair every generator, preventing them from escaping for a little longer.