Best Trapper build in Dead by Daylight

Get the Survivors to stay around a little longer.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

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Dead by Daylight has no shortage of iconic and memorable Killers. The game is well known for its horror powerhouses — from blockbuster icons to a group of creepy original characters. That being said, only one of them has the honor of being placed on the game’s cover. The Trapper is one of the original Killers in the game and a great starting point for new players. Below is a great Trapper build to help get the most out of him.

Starting with the perks, we recommend running Barbeque & Chilli, Corrupt Intervention, Deadlock, and No Way Out. Here is a breakdown of what each perk does:

  • Barbeque & Chilli (Cannibal teachable) – Upon hooking a Survivor, you can see the location of all other players that are further than 40 meters from the hook. This is a great way to gauge how many people may be trying to rescue their teammate and give you a chance to set your traps around the hook appropriately. Additionally, you will gain bonus Bloodpoints after hooking each Survivor at least once.
  • Corrupt Intervention (Plague teachable) – At the beginning of the match, the three generators that are the furthest away from your starting location are blocked for 80/100/120 seconds. With the Trapper being pretty slow-moving, you will want to delay generator repairs as much as possible, and this can force the Survivors to make their way closer to you and the traps you’ve set around other generators.
  • Deadlock (Cenobite teachable) – Once the Survivors fully repair a generator, the next one that is closest to being completed is blocked for 20/25/30 seconds, and that generator is revealed to you. Again, this is to delay the Survivor’s progress and push them towards other generators where you will be waiting.
  • No Way Out (Trickster teachable) – For every Survivor you hook at least once, the exit gate switches will be blocked for up to 36/48/60 seconds. This leaves them with no escape while you know where they are going. You can hit one gate and lay down drops before going to the other.

Alongside these perks, these add-ons will slow down Survivors considerably:

  • Fastening Tools – Settings traps is much faster, and escaping or rescuing Survivors caught in traps takes much longer.
  • Honing Stone – if a Survivor frees themself from a trap, they will be put into the Dying state.