How to change jobs in Final Fantasy XIV

Switch jobs on the fly.

Image via Square Enix

One of the best things about Final Fantasy XIV is that you can play all classes and jobs on a single character. You’re not required to make alts just to try out a different setup. Changing your weapon is the same as changing your class or job. But brand new players won’t be able to just switch things up right away.

Completing your level 10 class quest

When you start the game, you pick a class, then you arrive to your starting city. Playing through your class quests teaches you the basics about how to play your class. You’ll need to reach at least level 10 before moving on to other classes. Once you complete your level 10 class quest, you’re free to start branching out.

Unlocking new classes

Just like with your first class, other classes have their own special trainers who offer quests and guidance. You’ll find the Archer, Lancer, and Conjurer trainers in Gridania. Marauder, Rogue, and Arcanist trainers are in Limsa Lominsa. The Gladiator, Pugilist, and Thaumaturge trainers are in Ul’dah. Each trainer is marked on your map with the class icons next to them, so head over to their location.

Every initial class quest is titled, “So You Want to Be a [Class Name]”. If you’re looking to become a gladiator, for example, you’re on the right track once you have the quest, “So You Want to Be a Gladiator.” After completing this initial quest to unlock a new class, you’ll receive a brand new weapon. Equipping this weapon will automatically change your class and available skills on your hotbars.

Switching jobs and classes with gearsets

Gear sets save your current gear, allowing you to quickly switch between sets, without having to manually equip everything all over again. Open up your Character menu, and click on the page icon near the top to bring up your gear set list. Clicking on the plus icon along the upper-left corner will create a new gear set for you, filled with the gear you’re currently wearing. By default, this also saves your current class or job. So you can change classes or jobs by switching between your saved gearsets.

Image via Square Enix

You can either change your gear sets from this menu, or drag and drop your sets to your hotbar. When queueing for the Duty Finder, make sure you’re on the class or job you aim to run the content on, as you can’t change classes or jobs once inside an instance. For more information on how to unlock battle jobs like Paladin, Astrologian, and Black Mage, check out our guide.