How to change race length in F1 2021

Don’t want to go through a full event.

Image via Codemasters

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Formula 1 races tend to be quite long, so you may want to shorten races when playing offline. You can, in fact, change race lengths in F1 2021 in most cases. Races, prior to the start, can be amended to make these events short, medium, or even long. So, what do you need to do change the race length in F1 2021? Here’s what you need to do.

The way you change the race length depends on what the game mode you are in. However, most of methods are pretty much the same, sans some minor differences. For example, if you are in career mode, you can change the length of each race, plus the length of practice and qualifying sessions, right at the main hub. To do this, select the top-right square on the hub.

Here, you’ll be able to change the length of the race. Keep in mind that the main race length settings have three options: Short, Medium, and Long. Short races are five laps. Medium events are 25% of the traditional amount of laps, while Long is the full amount. You can also change the lengths of practice and qualifying here as well.

For Grand Prix events, the steps are almost the same. You can still set the race length to Short, Medium, or Long, but you will need to do so at the Weekend Structure screen. Select that tab, and go from there.