How to change the weather in Ghost of Tsushima

It’s always sunny in Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima

Image via Sony

While Ghost of Tsushima is set in a historic period in Japan, it gently blends myth and legend into the game. This manifests in some interesting ways, such as a means of changing the weather, should you wish. 

If you hit the Options menu, then select gear, you can scroll down to the Flute option. Click on that, and you will see that you know a song called “The Sun’s Warm Embrace.” Playing this will change the weather to sunny. There are four songs in total.

Flute of Tsushima
  • The Sun’s Warm Embrace
  • Lament of the Storm
  • Shadows in the Fog
  • A Chorus of Raindrops

You will start the game knowing one song, but can learn more from Singing Crickets. To find Singing Crickets, you will near to search for cemeteries that contain golden cages. If you can find enough Singing Crickets, you will be able to learn all the songs.

If you speak with a Merchant, you will get an outfit called the Traveler’s Attire, and while you are wearing this, the Singing Crickets can be shown on the map, as long as you have already found one of them. You can hit the right button the D-pad, then select the wind for Undiscovered Singing Crickets.

To play the flute, you can swipe left on the touchpad on your PlayStation controller. There are various advantages to being able to change the weather, as you can always have the weather conditions in a state that will suit you. If you are hunting enemies, a sunny day will allow for better visibility, while if you are about to infiltrate a camp, the fog will help to cover your tracks.