How to change your appearance in Boyfriend Dungeon

You want to look good for your first date, right?

Image via Kitfox Games

Boyfriend Dungeon has a lovely suite of character customization options to choose from. Yes, it’s not as in-depth as a game like Skyrim, but it allows you to add some personality to your protagonist. Here’s how to change your appearance and how to get new outfits and accessories.

It’s time to suit up

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you first start Boyfriend Dungeon, you’ll be making your own character. You can alter their clothes, hair, eyes, skin color, name, and even pronouns (which should be in more games from now on). Thankfully, if you’ve made a mistake, you can change your character however you’d like. Go to your apartment in the center of the map. Next, hover your mouse or move the analog stick to the mirror. From there, you can alter your character however you’d like.

Shop till you drop

There are multiple ways of acquiring new outfits. The first option is to go to shops that offer new clothes. You’ll find some in the main town like Championne Athleisure, which offers Cardigan Combos and Camo Jackets at value prices. There are more lavish options too. You’ll be able to find a specialty shop within your dunj runs. Interact with a vending machine, and a secret entrance will open.

Craft, craft, craft

Screenshot by Gamepur

During your dungeon runs, you’ll be gathering materials from broken crates, treasure boxes, and defeated enemies. You’ll also find recipes along the way that can give you new clothes and accessories. Go back to your apartment after finishing your dungeon dive and go to the crafting table in the middle of your room. You’ll see a list of materials under it. For example, for the Designer Buds, you’ll need two liquid and eight threads of metal. Combine the materials together and select “Craft,” which has a hammer symbol to the left of it. It will then form the new costume part and you’ll be able to equip it with the mirror.

Showered with presents

As you go on dates with your weapons, they will give you presents from time to time. Some of them include designer glasses and headphones, so keep talking to your dates and you’ll be rewarded.